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SH TRANS, s.r.o. company was founded on 7th September 2005 by Tomáš Hnilička and Petr Smíšek and established on 9th October 2005 via an entry into Companies Register maintained by Regional Court in Brno, section C, insert 50081.

Our company is a holder of all certifications necessary for the operation of international and domestic freight transport and transport services, including freight insurance according to the CMR Convention up to the sum of 2 million CZK Downloads: Pojištění nákladů, Koncesní listina, Eurolicence,
Osvědčení o DIČ, Vypis z obchodního rejstříku, Živnostenský list


Our fleet of trucks consists of six platform trucks with canvas covers and one large-volume vehicle combination with a canvas cover. Our company focuses mainly on Germany and other countries of central and west Europe, including Switzerland. All vehicles are equipped with a navigation system. We also perform basic transport coming under the ADR Agreement.

Our foremost objective is to offer our clients transport services of the highest quality.